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Inner West is one of the most beautiful areas in Sydney, with beautiful trees lining the streets, plenty of small businesses, and a large number of residential homes. Canopy Tree offers professional services in Inner West for customers of all types – from homeowners to commercial property managers.

Our specialties include annual tree pruning, tree removal, and limb removal, and stump grinding. We also offer qualified arborist services – with over 17 years of experience, our arborists can help you treat trees that are diseased or damaged, or even aid in the planting of new, healthy trees. Learn more about our tree services in Inner West below.

Tree Removal Sydney

We love trees, but there are times when a tree simply must be removed. Perhaps a recent storm caused your tree to begin leaning, or cracked the trunk – resulting in a serious hazard to property and people.

Or maybe you need to remove a tree in order to redo your landscaping, or simply because it has grown too large and is blocking the view from your home. Whatever the reason, Canopy Tree is here for you in Inner West.

We remove your trees quickly, and we can haul them away or mulch them into wood chips. We also offer stump grinding services, which are perfect for those iron-hard stumps that are left behind after tree removal.

Tree Pruning Inner West

Many people skip yearly or bi-yearly pruning and trimming services – but you shouldn’t! Regular pruning removes small, unsightly limbs, cross-growth, and any dangling or diseased limbs that may pose a danger to your tree, or your property.

With proper trimming, your trees will grow more quickly and will be healthier and more appealing. That’s a win-win!

Qualified Arborists Inner West

Whether you’ve got a tree infested with disease or insects, or you’re interested in planting a new grove of saplings, our qualified arborists are here for you. With more than 17 years of experience, we are happy to serve you – no matter what your tree needs may be. Contact us now for more information about our arborist services.

Contact Canopy Tree Services Inner West Today!

At Canopy Tree, we are professional arborists who care deeply for trees and are proud to serve the Inner West with our expertise.

Call Canopy Tree Services Sydney today on 1300 375 135 / 0410 681 164 or enquire online to arrange an appointment to see what we can do for you and your property.

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