Tree Services Epping

Got a tree that’s seen better days? Need pruning for an out-of-control tree that’s too close to your house, and may cause property damage? Interested in removing a tree to make room for a home renovation?

If so, Canopy Tree is here to help you with all your tree needs. We’ve been serving Epping and the surrounding neighborhoods with professional tree services for years. With modern equipment, experienced operators, and reasonable rates, we’re the most sought after tree service company in Epping and surrounding areas! Learn more below.

Tree Removal Epping

If you need a tree to be removed from your property, you’re better off turning to the professionals. Tree removal can be a complex and dangerous operation, and often requires specialized equipment like stump grinders and powerful saws.

At Canopy Tree, we specialise in removing trees from your property, while avoiding damage to the surrounding landscape, and your other vegetation. We remove trees quickly and efficiently, and with our stump grinding services, you won’t have to deal with any tough-to-pull stumps after we’re finished!

Tree Pruning Epping

Tree pruning is often done for aesthetic reasons, to help reduce unnecessary growth and shape trees into a more pleasing form. But pruning is also useful for maintaining your tree, and its healthy growth. Pruning can remove diseased, loose, or unsightly limbs, allowing the tree to grow more quickly, and remain in better condition.

We can prune your trees to your precise specifications at Canopy Tree, ensuring that you always get tree services that are right for your landscaping.

Qualified Arborists Epping

Got a tree that’s not doing so well – but not sure why? With qualified arborists on staff, we can diagnose and treat a wide variety of tree-related issues. From pest control, to supporting saplings and juvenile trees, and diagnosing disease and fungal infection, we can do it all.

Contact Us For Professional Tree Services Epping!

Canopy Tree is the right choice for tree services in Epping. We have a team of experienced tree servicing technicians, qualified arborists, and top-notch equipment. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation, and we’ll discuss your particular tree servicing needs!

Call Canopy Tree Services Sydney today on 1300 375 135 / 0410 681 164 or enquire online to arrange an appointment to see what we can do for you and your property.

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 Canopy Tree Services Epping

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