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Welcome to Canopy Tree. For many years we have developed a solid reputation for delivering quality tree-care and maintenance, coupled with excellent customer service in the Robertson region. If you are looking for reliable and no-nonsense tree services in the Southern Highlands area, then we will gladly assist you. From tree pruning, right through to removal stump grinding, we’ve got you covered.


Tree Removal Services Robertson

Whether you need a tree removing due to disease and infestation, or you would simply like to clear the way for a construction project or to allow more sunlight through to the rest of the garden, we can help you. Our arborists are highly trained and can remove a tree of any size no matter how big or small safely and effectively.


Tree Pruning Services in Robertson

Tree pruning services in Robertson are available for anyone who is looking to properly care for and maintain their trees. Pruning is an essential part of a tree’s general maintenance and can help to promote strong future growth when applied properly. If you are not so confident with your pruning techniques, don’t worry, we can sort it all on your behalf with expert precision.


Tree Trimming & Cutting in Robertson

Tree trimming & cutting is a great way to control the growth on your trees. Perhaps they have grown a little wild and are branching too close to neighbouring powerlines, or even hanging over a neighbour’s garden. Whatever the case, we can trim your trees efficiently to whatever shape or size you desire.


Consulting & Practising Arborist in Robertson

Here at Canopy Tree, we are very passionate about what we do. Over the years we have acquired an extensive collective knowledge of tree’s in Australia and can offer sound and useful advice for those in the Robertson are who are looking for assistance. Whether you want a clear tree maintenance plan for the year, or you represent a commercial project and need a structured routine to keep all of your tree’s healthy and in a safe condition for public access, our experts can help you.

Whatever you need, our expertise and vast collective knowledge is at your disposal.

For more information on what we do or how we can help you, please feel free to contact us today.

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