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Are you looking for a fast, adorable, and reliable tree-care service in Oran Park? If so, then Canopy Tree is the company that you have been looking for. We are a long-established tree care and maintenance company with a history of delivering a quality service. Each task, no matter how big or small is approach with a consistent level of care and professionalism.

We offer a wide range of services, so read on and find out more about what we can do for you.


Tree Removal Services Oran Park

For tree removal services in Oran Park, let Canopy Tree be your first choice. We can safely fell and remove the tree from your property, properly disposing of the remains, whilst grinding the stump into dust, rendering your property safe and hazard free when we are through.

Don’t waste your time with a cow-boy tree lopper and come straight to the professionals for a top-quality job with no nonsense.


Tree Pruning Services in Oran Park

Our tree pruning services in Oran Park are second to none. We take great pride in the delicate and thoughtful approach that we take to each pruning job. Tree pruning is the most important aspect of a tree’s maintenance, and we will take the utmost care to ensure that your tree can experience a long life with strong future growth.

Tree Trimming & Cutting in Oran Park

Tree trimming & cutting is essential when trees are allowed to grow wild and unruly for too long. Of course, trees when left to their own devices can become incredibly dangerous. Thus, if you are having issues with a tree, we can cut it back and reduce it in size in order to eliminate any threat of danger.


Consulting & Practising Arborist in Oran Park

We understand how overwhelming it can be trying to find the appropriate care for the trees on your property. Perhaps you have an unidentified species, and you can’t seem to find any information on how to care for it? Whatever the case, Canopy Tree has a tea of experienced consulting & practising arborists at your disposal. Whether you want to care for the trees yourself and simply need to know how, or you’d like to take care of them for you, we will gladly help where we can.

For more information on what we do or how we can help, please feel free to contact us today.

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