Tree Removal & Tree Pruning Narellan

Are you thinking of getting a tree removed from your property? Be sure to hire a professional tree removal service in Narellan. At Canopy Tree, we employ fully qualified arborists to remove trees safely and skilfully. They can work at heights, near roads, near power lines, over a house and even in confined spaces. We have the techniques and the equipment to remove a tree no matter the complexity of the job.

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When Should You Hire a Tree Removal Service in Narellan

At Canopy Tree, we believe in tree conservation. That’s why we only remove trees with the consent of the council when needed. Our tree removal crews in Narellan will remove a tree only when all other options for tree retention have failed. Here are some situations when tree removal becomes the only option:

  • The tree is dead
  • The tree is to be removed for approved development
  • The tree is posing a hazard and is a high risk of failure
  • The tree is causing structural damage to your property
  • The tree is poisonous or causing and allergy
  • The tree is essentially a weed species e.g. privet

Hire Fully Qualified Arborists from Canopy Tree

Only a qualified arborist with cert 3 should carry out tree removal work. The tree arborists at Canopy Tree have the qualification, experience, the skill and the knowledge to safely remove your tree.

Expert Tree Removal Sydney

Get in touch with Canopy Tree today for all your tree maintenance needs. We would be happy to carry out a free on-site inspection and estimate. As part of our no-obligation quote, we will provide a free assessment outlining the work that needs to be carried out.

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Tree Pruning & Trimming Narellan

Tree pruning isn’t just a way to reshape trees for a more appealing look. Pruning is often necessary to fight back against insect infestations and the growth of fungus. In addition, pruning removes dead or unsightly tree branches, aiding in the growth of a healthy, beautiful tree.

If you need tree pruning services in Narellan, Canopy Tree is the best choice for you! Based in Sydney, we serve Narellan and surrounding regions with expert tree pruning. Find out more about what we do below!

Do My Trees Need To Be Pruned? How Can I Tell?

We typically recommend that you prune your trees yearly. However, if you’re not sure that you need tree pruning, look for the following signs:

  • Dead or damaged branches – Dead branches should be removed. They will rot, and this can cause problems like insect/fungal infestations.
  • Slow growth – Pruning a tree removes unnecessary limbs and branches, allowing it to grow more quickly.
  • Unhealthy-looking branches or leaves – If you have multiple limbs on your tree that look unhealthy and have yellowed or brown leaves, pruning may be required to remove disease.
  • Hanging or broken limbs – Hanging or broken limbs are dangerous, and can fall on your property. They’re also unsightly, and require removal by professional pruning services.
  • Undesirable shape or style – If you don’t prune your trees, they may grow out of control. This can cause issues if they grow towards your home or business, or toward nearby power/utility lines. Pruning allows you to restrain tree growth, and maximize visual appeal.

Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, these above signs are sure indicators that you can benefit from tree-trimming services in Narellan from Canopy Tree.

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Whether you’re in Narellan, NSW, or anywhere else around Sydney, Canopy Tree is the best choice for affordable, expert tree pruning services. Contact us online now for a free quote! We’d be happy to discuss your pruning needs, and how we can help you.

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