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Trees are an invaluable resource and provide us with fresh air, fruits and shade from the sun among many other things. Like all other living things, trees too have a life expectancy. However, when a tree is in decline or is hazardous it may need to removed, as a last resort. It’s important to hire a professional arborist for your next tree removal service in Moss Vale.

Canopy Tree was established in 1999, and has grown to become a leading arboricultural company offering tree removal service in Moss Vale as well as across the Highlands. Trust Canopy Tree for professional, reliable and safe tree removal.

The Need for a Tree Removal Moss Vale Specialist

If you are thinking you could handle the removal job yourself, think again before you take the axe in your hands. Tree removal is a complicated and risky task. It must be carried out by a trained professional. Here’s why you should hire a professional arborist:

  • Tree removal is a skilled and complex job with many dangers.
  • Canopy Tree has Arborists who are skilled at climbing, removing trees and have the right equipment to do the job.
  • Canopy Tree has the appropriate insurances for working at height and operating machinery
  • At Canopy Tree, has staff who are qualified AQF Level 2-3 arborists with experience.

Trusted Tree Removal Southern Highlands Service

Our arborists will remove the tree including the stump to ensure the tree does not grow again. Your property will be ready for whatever purpose you have in mind. Whether you want to develop a new property or want to eliminate the hazards posed by a tree, we can help.

Get in touch with Canopy Tree Services today for professional, reliable and affordable tree removal Southern Highlands. Call 1300 375 135 now.

Tree Pruning Moss Vale

Tree pruning is essential for maintaining the health and naturally beautiful appearance of your trees.

Pruning helps remove dead or unnecessary tree branches, and allows a tree’s structural integrity to be preserved. In addition, pruning shapes trees, providing a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

So if you need tree pruning services in Moss Vale, turn to Canopy Tree. We’ve been serving the Sydney area with pride for more than 17 years! Not sure if your tree needs to be pruned in Moss Vale? Here’s how to find out!

How Can I Tell If My Tree Needs To Be Pruned?

There are many reasons that your tree may need expert pruning services from Canopy Tree. Here are a few of the most common indicators that your tree may need pruning.

  • Large, dead branches – If you notice dead branches or limbs on your tree, they should be removed. This dead growth can encourage fungal/insect infestation, and compromise the structural integrity of your tree.
  • Hazardous limbs – Tree limbs that are cracked or damaged may be unsafe and could fall on your home or property. Pruning of these limbs helps keep you and your family safe, and protects you from liability.
  • Excessive or unsightly growth – If you have a tree that’s growing out-of-control, pruning is the best way to remove excess growth, and shape your tree to look more natural and beautiful.
  • Thick canopy blocks light – If you have a tree with a thick canopy, it may block the light, causing underlying grass and plants to die or grow more slowly. Thinning this canopy with pruning is a great way to preserve the tree, and the underlying plants.

If you’re noticing one (or more) of these issues with your trees, get in touch with Canopy Tree right away. We can offer you a free consultation and a no-obligation quote! We’ll create and implement a comprehensive tree trimming plan that will have your trees looking healthy and beautiful.

Don’t wait. Get in touch with Canopy Tree about our tree pruning services in Moss Vale!

Contact Canopy Tree Pruning Sydney & the Southern Highlands on 1300 375 135 today.

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