Tree Removal Goulburn

We at Canopy Tree know how important it is to make sure you carry out any tree maintenance and removal with the right tools and experience to do it right. Safety is a key concern, and for those in the Goulburn area, we will make it a priority when removing or servicing your trees. We can be there every step from the initial survey to cleaning up, and can even get rid of unwanted stumps, leaving your property clean and hazard-free.


Tree Services Goulburn

We offer a wide range of tree services in Goulburn, so whatever your needs, we have an expert to carry them out. With over twenty years of experience and knowledge, Canopy Tree is here to make sure your trees are as beautiful and healthy as can be. Whether you require regular upkeep to keep the right shape and height to suit your purposes or need a tree removed or saved, we have the skills to help. Have a look at our range of services in Goulburn today.


Tree Pruning Goulburn

Looking for someone to help with tree pruning in Goulburn? Look no further! Canopy Tree has experts with the ability to carefully remove unwanted, diseased, or dead branches and foliage without harming the tree and making the situation worse. Trees are living things, and a cut in the wrong place, even with the best of intentions, could cause real damage. Trust in the specialists and let us put the time, effort, and experience into your trees’ health and beauty.


Tree Cutting & Trimming Goulburn

From shaping and thinning out the foliage and encouraging your trees to thrive, tree cutting and trimming are essential parts of your outdoor maintenance. Leaving your trees untended can also soon have them looking messy and unkempt. If you want a tidy and well-cared-for tree or trees, allow our team to help.


Consulting & Practicing Arborist Goulburn

If you need advice about how to best care for the trees on your property, or if you want someone to identify any rare trees or carry out a survey then our consulting arborists are here to aid you. We also have practising arborists to complete any tasks that you have in mind, so if you are in the Goulburn area please contact us today and see how we can improve your outdoor areas, and bring you peace of mind at the same time.

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