Tree Reports

When embarking on any type of Development Application DA that is compliant or non-compliant development or tree removal, many local councils require an Arboricultural assessment report as part of the application process.

An Arboricultural assessment report is a vital and credible component in applying for a DA, Tree permit or appealing a rejected permit.

In producing the reports listed below, we will save you time, money, and stress, giving you the time to concentrate on the more enjoyable side of the project in hand. The considered impartial testimony of our professional consultants will give your application credibility.

Our consultant Arborists can supply Arboricultural Assessment reports for you with guidance from AS 4970-2009 Protection of trees on building sites and Best Management Practices used within Arboriculture as a whole:

  • Tree health and structure
  • Tree hazard and risk assessment
  • Development Applications (DA) small and large sites
  • Tree pest & disease identification
  • Tree reports for Council
  • Tree management plans
  • Proactive tree maintenance plans
  • Small and large site tree surveys
  • Tree climbing Inspections
  • Tree disputes (Professional Witness, Land and Environment Court)
  • Heritage impact statements regarding trees and significance
  • Consultation and advice regarding how to best conserve your tree asset long term
  • Site Arborist inspections and reports for the management of trees before during and after project completion
  • Compliant certification for projects
  • Pre development tree surveys

Before approaching a draftsman or architect, you should have a consulting arborist assess all the trees on your site, as well as any trees located on neighbouring properties and council road reserves.

Our consultants will gather data on tree health, structure, species, size, retention value, and calculate tree protection zones. This information is given to the architect to aid them in designing around any known constraints. Pre-development tree surveys are an essential step in the application process and will help you reach your end goal sooner, saving you money along the way.


Once you have plans drawn for a proposed land development, our consultants will work with you to prepare an arborist report based on the proposed development application. This type of report will outline tree health, structure, species, size and planned retention or removal. It will also contain information on how any retained trees will be protected during the development to satisfy the local council.


Construction impact reports are prepared following a request for further information from council once an application has been submitted. Usually when this happens it’s because an arborist report was not submitted along with the initial application; however, it may be because the council rejected the initial application that included the removal of significant trees. For the latter our consultants will work with you to help alter proposed plans to satisfy council requirements.


During construction an arborist may be required to oversee works near retained trees, or make further recommendations as the project evolves. Some permits may include clauses relating to trees where a project arborist is to sign off at various stages, be contactable, be present during excavation and/or further assess the tree/s after construction. Contact us now to discuss our services and pricing.


Many domestic clients like to have an arborist assess their trees for many different reasons such as;

  • they may be worried about branch failure
  • tree roots affecting structures
  • the impact of a neighbour’s tree/s on their property, or
  • they may simply like to know what species of tree they have and how best to care for it

In some of these cases a report may not be necessary and the owner may only wish to have a verbal consultation.


Schools have a growing responsibility to ensure a safe environment for all children, staff and parents. Part of every school’s WH&S policy should include an annual tree assessment by a consulting arborist and act on the recommendations offered as a result of the inspection.

Our consultants will prepare a scope of assessment that is tailored to your school and your needs. We will then assess every tree and make recommendations for tree maintenance or removal.

Tree Hazard & Risk Assessment
Tree Hazard & Risk Assessment

Pest and Disease
Pest & Disease Identification

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