Wood Milling & Slabbing

Wood is another bi-product of the work we do.  Canopy Tree is aware of the environment and we are able to recycle all waste material by milling and slabbing. We can perform on-site or off-site milling & slabbing if you would like to keep a slab or two for that outdoor table and chairs, bench top or anything else the mind may conjure! We can offer pieces or lengths of wood for landscaping or habitat creation in schools, private and commercial settings.  

We also offer:

  • Wood milling services on-site (off-site) milling on your property
  • Logs for landscaping and design projects and habitat creation

Please call one of our friendly team if you would like further information or prices.

Canopy Tree Services Sydney & Southern Highlands

Canopy Tree Services Wood Milling & Slabbing
Example of Wood Turning

Canopy Tree Services Wood Milling & Slabbing