Removing large tree stumps from gardens or outdoor areas is an ideal way to free up space for:

  • replanting
  • paving or;
  • building

Stump grinding can make stumps less of a hazard and prevent re-growth and the possible spread of disease.


Methods used to remove stumps can vary depending on stump size:

  • Digging (usually for smaller stumps)
  • Grinding (preferred to partially remove stump)
  • Excavators (used to dig out larger stumps on land clearing sites)

Stumps are hard to remove by hand and often need to be ground out with a stump grinding machine.  All tree stumps (up to 10m diameter) can be removed, including those in areas difficult to access. On most occasions, the stump is ground out completely up to 2ft deep allowing replanting afterwards. Sometimes if there are underground utilities, only the stump surface can be removed to avoid damage.

Canopy Tree Removal Services has the ability and experience to remove stumps of all sizes and in all access situations. For an obligation free quote today, email us a description and photos of the site access and stump/s requiring removal, we can then provide you with a detailed quote.

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