Removal of deadwood from a tree prevents risk of damage from falling pieces on to a property, surrounding infrastructure, or people. Deadwood can also harbour pest and disease such as fungi or boring insects, that could eventually affect the living tree in part or whole.


Methods that can be used are dependent on the access, quantity of deadwood and its position in the tree, but usually consist of the below:

  • Climbing
  • EWP (Elevated Work Platform)
  • Crane (can be used to limit damage to remainder of the tree or property)

This process removes dead and dying branches from the tree, whether in the crown or on the main stem. When you notice large diameter branches above 20mm (50cm>) which are a hazard and a potential risk of damaging something below, it may be time to call the professionals at Canopy Tree.

For more information on how deadwooding and branch removal can be of benefit to you, please contact us today.


Deadwood Removal