Originating from the Northern Hemisphere Crown Reduction has been used to restrict tree growth both above and below ground, especially where there are movable soils e.g. clay soils. It can be an alternative to valley pruning under power lines,if a tree is on the decline, or has overlong and weighty branches. Once this type of work is started it will need to be continued on a cyclical basis, as regrowth may outgrow its attachment point. Once cut for the first time (or first cycle) the knuckle (point of growth) should be maintained to prevent large wounding, which could lead to pests and disease entering the tree.

This work is definitely not suited to Australian natives such as Eucalyptus and Wattles, as the dormant buds that create the regrowth (epicormic shoots) are considerably weaker in their attachment to the point of origin.


The type of crown reduction method used is dependent on the size of the tree, but usually consists of the following:

  • Climbing
  • EWP (Elevated Work Platform)

Commencement is usually at the apex (the top of the tree), works down one side (third) of the tree, and then repeats on the other two thirds of the tree. In following this method we can reduce the size of the crown symmetrically, making the crown smaller but look similar to the original crown in shape.

This process sees the entire foliated area of the tree is reduced in size, creating a smaller crown. We calculate by percentage 10, 15, 20 or 25% as no more than 25% should be done in one growing season. This type of work has been perfected by the Canopy Tree Arborists Southern Highlands team over the years.

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