Canopy Tree Providing Tree Health Management & Assessments

Tree health management is important to ensure the health of your tree long term. Trees, like all living things, have periods of fast and slow growth, which can usually be attributed to changes in their environment, age and site conditions.

Trees will show many different signs indicating good vigour as they grow and mature. They are self-optimising structures that will change over many years of growth to maturity, and in some cases not only over years but decades and centuries. To the trained eye, these will be more obvious and at Canopy Tree, we are continually learning tree signs that indicate vigour, growth, stress and structural change.

If you have concerns about your tree asset and its condition, please call us today for a consultation. We will provide you with an estimate for an onsite tree health assessment and consultation based on current hourly rates including travel. If the further investigation, report writing or if the use of an outside expert is required, you will be advised during the onsite consultation.

We service all areas across Sydney, Macarthur & The Southern Highlands. If you feel your tree requires a health check and assessment, then contact Canopy Tree Services today!



Canopy Tree Services Tree Health Management & Assessments 

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