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Does your tree suffer from pests or tree disease?

Trees suffer from a variety of pests and diseases, some may be specific to a certain species, others may be more general covering a variety of trees. Biotic (Living) disease can be found such as scale, boring insects, fungi, and bacterial infections, or Abiotic (non-living) disease can be found such as drought, mechanical damage (e.g. from construction) or even herbicide drift. If you notice a problem with your tree/s give us a call or email us so we can use our knowledge, education, and experience to help you identify the problem and find a solution.

Canopy Tree will provide you with an estimate for the onsite visit based on current hourly rates including travel. If any further investigation, report writing, or use of an outside expert is required you will be informed during the onsite consultation.

We service all areas across Sydney, Macarthur & The Southern Highlands. For more information on pests and tree diseases or how we can help you, contact Canopy Tree Services Sydney today!

To learn a bit more about tree diseases in Australia read our article - Common Tree Diseases in Australia

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