Knuckle Boom Crane Truck With Grapple Saw - Available For Hire, Sydney & Regional NSW


Canopy Tree can see the need for increased safety and efficiency within the tree industry, we are pleased to be acquiring this unique knuckle boom crane truck.

A Volvo 850 twin steer truck with a specially mounted 638 Hiab x Hipro crane on a custom chassis.

This crane has a reach vertically of 27m and a horizontal reach of 24m, with a lift capacity at a horizontal reach of 1.2 tons.

It comes with lift capacity from a dedicated hook or winch cable at the end of the fly boom. Being a big crane it has the capacity of 4m meters to lift a whopping 11300 KG (11.3 Tons).

These cranes are versatile and can lift both horizontally and vertically, we are planning to attach a grapple saw (Mecanil SG220 Remote) to the end of the boom so we can perform tree removal and some pruning from the ground.  The grapple saw crane truck is the safest and most efficient method of tree removal. The operator removes the tree from the ground via radio control, eliminating the need for climbing, rigging and cutting by hand.

This is a tried and tested method here in Australia the USA and Europe.


Below is an example video showing the Mecanil SG220 in action

Hiab Knuckle Boom, Crane Truck Hire Across Sydney, Regional NSW and Interstate (for emergency/insurance work)

Crane truck is available for wet hire to:

  • Other tree contractors
  • Building and construction contractors and tier 1 sites
  • Government and Local Authorities
  • Roads & Maritime
  • Insurance work (Trees on houses)
  • Storm Work
  • General lifting (spreader bar and 10-ton digital scales available)

Also, for anyone out there that needs something lifted cut or moved, we also have a 22-ton dog trailer that can be towed behind this truck crane.

We have experienced operators in crane operation under a C6 slew crane license, Dogging licence and advanced rigging licence.

Crane Truck is comprehensively insured: Policy Number: 52967912

If you would like more info, please don’t hesitate to ring our friendly office staff on 1300 799 540 or Nick on 0410681164.  You can also find more information on our CanopyLift website

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