tree removal cost & pricing

Tree Removal Cost & Pricing Guide

Have you been thinking about having a tree removed from your property, but you aren’t quite sure if you can afford it? If so, then this is the article for you.

We are going to break down all of the factors that can influence the overall costs of tree removal. Included in this article will be some national averages.  


Please note that all of the figures listed here are averages and are not to be taken as gospel. Instead, they should serve as an approximate guide.


tree removal cost & pricing

How much does tree removal cost?

There is no one single way to answer the question: “How much does it cost to remove a tree?” You see, there is a wide range of factors that can influence the cost. What it comes down to, ultimately, is how long and complicated the tree removal process will be. To give you a clearer idea as to how much a tree removal job might set you back, we’re going to unpack the various factors that influence the total cost.  

Breaking down the cost of tree removal services in Australia

Countless variables can influence the cost of a tree removal project, ranging from weather conditions, the tree species, and the accessibility of the tree in question. Let’s take a closer look:  


Tree species: One of the most influential factors in tree removal costs is the species of the tree that you wish to have removed. Certain species of trees are more difficult to cut, climb, and transport afterwards, thus resulting in a significant fluctuation in cost.  


Size: Naturally, the size of the tree is going to influence the overall cost of having it removed by a professional arborist. It’s not just about extra climbing, but the bigger the tree, the more limb-work is involved, including larger stumps and a greater degree of complication. Here are some average estimations for tree removal costs based on size:

Small (up to 10M): a small tree can typically cost anywhere between $300 and $3,000

Medium (10 – 20M): a medium-sized tree can cost anywhere between $500 and $4,000

Large (above 20M): a larger tree can cost between $1,200 and $20,000  


Condition: Next up, is the condition of the tree. Removing a dead or diseased tree comes with a host of risks, making it more difficult and dangerous to remove. For example, a dead tree with rotten branches is far less stable than a healthy tree being removed purely for cosmetic reasons. Before you can get an accurate figure, your best bet is to call the professionals and have an arborist come to your property and assess the condition of the tree.  


Site safety: Safety is, understandably, the number one priority when it comes to tree removal (both the safety of the arborist/s and the safety of you, your family, and your property). Depending on several conditions, extra safety measures may need to be taken during the tree removal process, including the use of specialist equipment, such as: – Extra safety ropes – Additional arborists – Elevated work platforms / cherry pickers / cranes – Traffic management – Utility shutdowns (often adding an additional $5,000 – $7,000 to the bill)  


Location: The location of the tree affects access, particularly if there are certain obstructions around the tree. The easier it is to access the target tree for removal (especially when specialist equipment is required), the cheaper the project will be. On the other hand, if there is limited access to the tree, and the loading/unloading of specialist equipment is extra laborious (and even dangerous), then that will be reflected in a more expensive quotation. Here are some additional factors to be aware of:– Front yard vs backyard (front yard tends to be cheaper) – Vehicle access to the site (how close can the arborist’s get their equipment?) – Nearby power lines and other utilities (cutting a tree down that is dangerously close to power lines comes with even greater risk and complication) – Nearby buildings (particularly when felling an especially large tree with the potential to crash through roofs) – Structures below the tree (e.g., greenhouses, sheds, pools etc.)  


Terrain: Tying in closely with location, the terrain onsite is a defining factor as well, and one that plays a role in the overall difficulty of the job. Trees on the steep and uneven ground make it more of a challenge to cut down and remove a tree. This can make the job take longer, become more dangerous, and ultimately more exhausting for the tree removal specialists.  


Weather: Weather shouldn’t affect the overall cost too much, however, it can certainly increase the difficulty and complexity of the job. If it becomes too windy, for example, then the arborists may need to cancel the job for the day and wait for better conditions. Whilst this is certainly out of your control, you will have to accept the fact that in most cases, you’ll be charged for transport etc.  


Time of year: As you can imagine, the summer and springtime are the busiest times of year for arborists. As such, if you want a tree removed during these peak times, then the competition will be higher. In the same breath, removing a deciduous tree in autumn, when all of the leaves have fallen off, is far easier than it would be at the height of spring. Thus, the cost to have a tree removed in autumn can often be up to 25% cheaper! So, if the tree removal project isn’t urgent, then it may be worth holding off before committing to having it removed.  


Stump removal: Another important aspect of the tree removal process is grinding the stump. Of course, if you would like to save money, the stump can be left. However, this can be a health hazard, and at the very least, an eyesore. Should you decide to go ahead with the stump removal, the overall cost will be higher, given that specialist stump-grinding equipment will need to be required.  


Waste disposal: Another factor that can influence the overall cost of a tree removal project is green waste disposal. If you would prefer not to keep the remains of the tree for firewood and request that everything be removed and disposed of, then this will be reflected in the cost. Be sure to ask about this before committing to a tree removal project so that you don’t end up with any hidden costs at the end.  


Council permits (as necessary): Depending on where you live, and whether or not the tree in question that you would like removed is protected by local tree protection laws, you may be required to apply for a permit before the tree removal process can begin. Naturally, there are costs involved with acquiring these permits and can end up hiking your overall tree removal cost up significantly.  


Region: Where you are based geographically can influence the average cost for tree removal services. For example, living in Sydney may be comparatively more expensive than in Perth.  


The company you choose: Although the cost shouldn’t vary too much from arborist to arborist, some companies will charge more than others. As such, it’s always worth doing a little shopping around and getting as many quotes as you can until you find something that you are satisfied with. Just don’t get too wrapped up in finding the cheapest possible arborists, as there may be a reason for that.  


Experience/qualifications/certification/insurance: It may be tempting to try and save some money by paying a friend of a friend who has some experience with cutting down trees. The fact is, when you hire an unlicensed ‘Jack-of-all-trades’, you are taking a tremendous risk. With a professional tree removal service from certified and highly-trained arborists, you can rest assured that they will be qualified and insured. If an un-certified individual does a poor job of felling the tree, thus resulting in serious injury or damage to your property, you’re going to end up spending a significant amount more!  



And that about sums it up! The cost of a tree removal project in Australia can vary dramatically, depending on a wide range of factors. However, provided that the tree isn’t too big, it is in a reasonable condition, and there is plenty of accessibility to the site, then you shouldn’t end up having to fork out too much. We hope that you have found this information useful and wish you the very best of luck with your tree removal project.

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