Assessment Of Splendid Quercus Robur (English Oak) Balaclava, NSW

Came across this splendid Quercus robur (English Oak) at Balaclava NSW today.

Was asked to assess the tree with the intention of the client to foliar spray or tree injection. On arriving the tree showed good vitality and good vigour. The client had mulched with tub grindings and had a drip feed system all been in for 2 years. There was negligible leaf minor a small amount of scale only on the east side of the tree.

The client mentioned since fencing of the tree 10 years ago, it has put on around 4 meters of lateral growth. The tree is on a raised part of the site and on inspection you can see it’s windswept nature from NE to SW.

The tree is estimated to be a little over a hundred years despite a spectacular hazard beam and damage to the trunk is in great condition.

No requirements for spraying or injection, mulching and remediation already done and in place should provide this majestic tree with the best chance to flourish for years to come. It is part of this site’s heritage?

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