Emergency Monday

Canned our scheduled work to do two jobs for Enviro Frontier, a state emergency service (SES). There was a big storm last night, which brought hail and heavy winds, causing a split stringy bark in the Highlands and a failed Ash tree.

Dead Eucalyptus Crebra Removal

In Wallacia NSW Australia, we used the grapple saw crane to remove a dead and decayed Eucalyptus crebra (Grey Iron Bark). It was hollow, so you could have crawled through it. There was less than 15% wood holding it together. Lucky we had the crane since there was a European wasp nest in the tree.

Two Day Job of Macrocarpa Removal

We tackled these two Macrcapas, 224 cubic feet of chip and 12 cubic feet of logs.🤗 Tomorrow we’ll do a Blackwood and a couple other bits and pieces. I was surprised by the reception from the post this morning, 201 stuck in the tree. That was one my guys, no names, 20+ years experience, say …

Our New Crane up and Running for the First Time Today

For the first time today, I got the grapple saw crane running. I still have a lot to learn, and yes, the extension wasn’t out today. The most challenging part is coordinating and controlling but that will come with time😁. The rotation of the saw doesn’t want to turn freely. It has to be done …

Reduction & Reshape of a Tilia (Linden/Lime) Tree

The team was on fire today smashed 90% of what I thought was going to be a two day job, in 8.5hrs.🤗🙏🤩 My main task was to reduce and reshape a Tilia sp (Linden or Lime), first one I have done in Australia and the first time working on a Tilia since leaving the UK …

Friday Tree Jobs With Some Climbing

Smashing Friday even some climbing today!! Was meant use crane today but client had a large skip bin in drive so couldn’t set up, so sent one of the guys back to get 2nd loader and we smashed it. Love Fridays like this🤗🤗

Tree Removal With Crane – Colo Vale NSW

Got the crane up and running by 8pm on Monday evening, just in time for the next two days we needed crane A great day lifting a couple of gums and 17 Robinia’s. Lots of wood and Woodchip for the client Big thanks to the guys for your hard work today🙏👍🤗