Large Fallen Eucalyptus Fastigiate

We got the crew going on a 4-day job then got quotes. Came across this massive fallen Eucalyptus fastigiate here in the Highlands that failed in recent winds. Over 3m across with all kinds of problems. Just cut off the branches and tidy up the 2 Acacia melanoxylon (Black Woods) and small fastigiate that were …

Emergency Monday

Canned our scheduled work to do two jobs for Enviro Frontier, a state emergency service (SES). There was a big storm last night, which brought hail and heavy winds, causing a split stringy bark in the Highlands and a failed Ash tree.

Dead Eucalyptus Crebra Removal

In Wallacia NSW Australia, we used the grapple saw crane to remove a dead and decayed Eucalyptus crebra (Grey Iron Bark). It was hollow, so you could have crawled through it. There was less than 15% wood holding it together. Lucky we had the crane since there was a European wasp nest in the tree.

Two Day Job of Macrocarpa Removal

We tackled these two Macrcapas, 224 cubic feet of chip and 12 cubic feet of logs.🤗 Tomorrow we’ll do a Blackwood and a couple other bits and pieces. I was surprised by the reception from the post this morning, 201 stuck in the tree. That was one my guys, no names, 20+ years experience, say …

Our New Crane up and Running for the First Time Today

For the first time today, I got the grapple saw crane running. I still have a lot to learn, and yes, the extension wasn’t out today. The most challenging part is coordinating and controlling but that will come with time😁. The rotation of the saw doesn’t want to turn freely. It has to be done …