Always use a qualified and licenced arborist for any tree work that you require. 

Canopy Tree is a qualified arborist practice in New South Wales operating with the following qualifications under the Australia Qualification Framework (AQF)

Level 1 - Qualified to operate machinery and carry out tree work.

Level 3 - Qualified to run an arborist practice.

Level 5 - A qualified level 5 arborist is a professional who is qualified to write reports such as reports for council permit applications, construction impact reports & give verbal consultations 



Canopy Tree aims to provide superior standards of tree maintenance, conservation, service and education through dedication, commitment and purpose in all aspects of the amenity tree industry. From initial consultations to large scale solutions, all work is conducted to the Australian Standard Pruning of Amenity Trees AS4373-2007 and to the current code of practice put out by Work Cover for the Amenity Tree Industry 1998.

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    Locations & Service Areas

    At Canopy Tree, we cover the whole of the Southern Highlands.

    Below is the map showing our coverage area.

    To see all of our service areas – Click here

    Canopy Tree Southern Highlands Service Area

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    There are many reasons why you might be considering tree removal in Southern Highlands. No matter the reason, the Canopy Tree crew has you covered for tree removal in the Southern Highlands.

    Here’s a look at some of the common reasons when tree removal becomes inevitable.

    • The tree becomes unstable and presents an imminent risk of failure
    • Dead trees (even though some dead trees can be good nesting trees for native fauna)
    • The tree has outgrown its position e.g. small backyard
    • It is causing damage to your property
    • Cross infection to other trees
    • The tree is poisonous or causing serious allergy’s
    • Tree is posing a hazard e.g. fire hazard
    • DA approved sites for new structures